The WorDship Conference

Features four days of power packed revival services led by Sonnie Badu through a series of teachings, preaching and worship. Since its inception, the Worship Conference has gained worldwide popularity; every meeting to date has been marked with a tangible move and presence of God as conference attendees readily testify of diverse miraculous happenings during the conference. Click here to book a conference in your city.


You will never be the same. Join us for your next breakthrough.

The umbilical cord that helped the baby for nine months is eventually cut off and buried when the child sees light. Lessons here: There is always a stage in life where that friend is no longer needed, not because you are ungrateful, but simply because they are not in the next chapter of your life. Once we discover this fact, we will be able to better manage our relationships very well without hurting each other. Now it’s time you wake up & and cut some people off! Take the sword.

~Sonnie Badu